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Adkins Management Inc. (AMI), is a female owned and operated general contracting company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Incorporated in 1993 under the direction of their current CEO and president Sheila A. Adkins. In 1994 they obtained their first contract with the city of Philadelphia’s Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA).  Providing free minor plumbing repair service to low income residents under the water conservation program initiative. 

In 2000 AMI officially became a family business when Adkins sister Denise Adkins Babb came on board as Vice President & COO helping them to adopt the nickname The A Team.

In 2001 AMI was named Philadelphia’s #1 female general contractor of the year. A humbling yet, prideful experience for the sisters. 



(L)Brenda Reavis, Sheila Adkins, Denise Adkins -Babb, Council-woman Blondell Reynolds Brown.

Sixteen years later and after 25 years in the business The A Team continually is contracted with ECA, Philadelphia Cooperation For Aging (PCA) and Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC).  In addition they have worked with several community development centers in the city from South-West Philadelphia to Germantown. Most recently, at the start of 2017 they acquired their fifth partnership contract working with Habitat For Humanity. 


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